Goodbye and thank you!

Dear Grace Fellowship and Great Gidding Baptist Church members,

On March of 2013 my husband preached his first sermon to the people of Grace Fellowship Baptist Church. He was nervous, but as I watched him preach the Word of God, I saw God’s calling on his life and on mine as well. We began driving over an hour each way to visit Grace once a month. Then it grew to something more and it became weekly trips. We would go to our own church in the morning at Sedge Fen Baptist Church near Lakenheath and then drive out to Grace and later to Great Gidding Baptist Church to preach in the afternoons. We never dreamed those moments would lead us to remain in England and take over both churches.

Five years ago Eric and I moved to Great Gidding to step into ministry at Great Gidding and Grace Fellowship. Eric had just retired from the military and we had two little babies. We chose to remain in England, because we knew this was where God had called us. It was definitely challenging those first few years and we learned some very important lessons. Our time here has been a blessing and we will cherish these moments the rest of our lives. One of the lessons we learned was to give more grace and not less. To love those around us even if that means hurt. And most importantly that God’s opinion of us and love for us was more important than anything.

As the years continued we adapted both Grace Fellowship and Great Gidding to reach people on a different level. We held Bible studies, potlucks, men’s and women’s breakfasts, prayer meetings, planned a birthday party for a 79 year old (who had never had a birthday party before) and Grace’s monthly British Bake Off! I have many fond memories and some great recipes to take with us as we prepare to leave England.

We want to thank everyone who has been faithful and we pray you continue to be faithful until the end. In Paul’s letter to Timothy he writes to tell him “Fight the good fight of faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called, and you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.” 1 Timothy 6:12. Timothy was a beautiful example of someone who was fighting the good fight. He was continuing on what Paul had began before him. We pray this is the same for you. Our hope is that you fight the good fight and continue to focus your eyes and mind on our Lord Jesus Christ until the end of time. We’re thankful for our time here, our three British born children, and the memories and people we’ve loved along the way. We’re hopeful for Grace’s future as Godmanchester merges with us to take over. Our prayer is that God will always be glorified at Grace Fellowship and those that came before us; their work was not in vain.

Carry on and keep fighting the good fight.

Karyn, Eric and the Gren family

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