Great Gidding Baptist Church 

Our approach to doing church at Great Gidding Baptist Church is transforming into something that looks more like our living room.  We want an environment where we can ask questions, talk about Christ openly.  This place looks more like our home than a typical church.  We believe that God is leading us in this new direction in order to grow closer to Him and closer to our family in Christ.

We are meeting every Tuesday evening from 6:30pm to 7:30pm come and join us in a living room style gathering! We have a play area for children to play, so please bring your kids along.

History of our Church:

In the 1700s churches that did not conform to the Church of England were considered Nonconformists. Nonconformists were required by law to build their chapels back off roads and were not allowed to look like a chapel.  In 1790 the Baptists of Great Gidding completed the current building and began worshiping here.  The Manse was later built to support the ministers that would preach in this chapel.

The church still stands today and is still being used for God’s purpose.